Since 1975, Hercesa has developed real estate projects in the residential, industrial and service sectors in various locations in Spain, but especially in the Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha. It currently has over 28,000 apartments in its portfolio in over 200 residential real estate projects located throughout Spain, as well as in countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria.

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Welcome to the official website of
Please carefully read and understand the terms and conditions below before using our website.


This website is the property of HERCESA, a company registered in Romania with the Trade Register No. J40/XXX/1998, having TIN ROXXXXXX and with registered office in Romania. The published content of this website is the property of HERCESA, which also reserves the right associated to the database of this website. All rights reserved.



By accessing this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions, without further restrictions, and to the copyright notice found at: If you do not agree with any of the points described below, you may not use this Website in any way. The minimum age of use of this website is restricted to persons under 18 years of age, the legal minimum age in Romania. We consider that the use of the site, login and access to services implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences arising from their acceptance.

We do not declare or guarantee:

– The accuracy or completeness of the materials published on this website
– The availability of this website or its operation without errors or interruptions
– The compatibility of this website with the operating system and software on your computer
– That this website may not, at a certain point, contain virus infections.


HERCESA provides you with an automatic system that offers you the possibility to search and verify availability for different tourist and allows you to make the desired reservation.
You can choose from a multitude of services on the website having the possibility to make reservations for tourist services directly from the website, as well as the payment of these services through our online payment system.

The purpose allowed for the use of this website is to obtain information regarding tourist offers and programs. Any use for purposes other than this is not allowed. HERCESA acts as an agent for third party providers such as: hotels, boarding houses, others (Tourist Service Providers).

HERCESA assumes no responsibility for the tourism products and services provided by the Tourist Service Providers and does not guarantee in any way (either explicitly or implicitly) the accuracy or quality of the products and services reflected on this website.




SC HERCESA SRL offers through the Website general information for advisory purposes. Please note that the information published on the Website may be changed at any time. It is necessary to check with the Tourist Service Provider, the tourist office at the destination, that the information published on the site is up to date.

SC HERCESA SRL does not provide any guarantee regarding the arrangements of travel documents (passports, visas, necessary vaccines), that the information on the site is updated. As a result, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that he/she travels in accordance with the measures applicable to these travel documents.


SC HERCESA SRL does not guarantee that the information on the site (including, but not limited to, rates, descriptions or data) cannot have errors or omissions, but we will make every effort to correct (correctable) errors as soon as they are brought to our attention.

The information and photos in the presentation of the accommodation units are informative and are provided by our partners or taken from their presentation websites. The photos presented on the site are generic and cannot be considered contractual, representing only our effort to improve the quality of information regarding the conditions of accommodation units. We make constant efforts to keep the information accurate and up to date, however, we do not guarantee that the information is complete, up-to-date, or error-free. We recommend that you consult the official websites of the hotels or ask for updated information from the agency.

Hotels reserve the right to make changes to the all-inclusive program presented on the website without prior notice.


Personal information is made available to the website to receive or use some services and is protected under the law. By filling-in the fields from the online registration forms, the users agree that the personal data they record should enter the agency’s database and to receive text messages regarding products and services, promotions, contests or any other editorial and marketing actions carried out in the future by





Any reservation made on the Website will be considered as the user’s intent to purchase a certain product or tourist service from the Tourist Service Provider. If your request will be accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from SC HERCESA SRL, and this contract will enter into force. All tourist services published on the Website are subject to the availability of the Tourist Service Providers. Their terms and conditions (including the passengers’ transport rules imposed by airlines) will be applied in addition to the Terms and Conditions of this Website.

The terms of the Tourist Service Providers may include provisions regarding various payment procedures, obligations, cancellations, changes to reservations and refunds (if applicable) or other restrictions. Some airlines may charge additional fees. SC HERCESA SRL is not responsible for the costs that may occur when transferring from one airport/terminal to another. Some hotels may also collect various local taxes.

When browsing the Website, you may notice references to various conditions applicable to special offers. Please read these terms carefully, but please contact SC HERCESA SRL for complete details.



You are directly responsible for compliance with the conditions imposed by the Tourist Service Provider regarding boarding times, flight reconfirmation or any other rules.




If you wish to cancel or modify the reserved or purchased service (and the Tourist Service Provider allows this), it is your responsibility to inform online, in writing or by telephone SC HERCESA SRL about your intentions. In some cases, you may not be able to cancel/modify certain tourist services or you will have to comply with certain requirements for these actions.


SC HERCESA SRL or the Tourist Service Provider accepts all forms of written requests, as it cannot cancel/modify the tourist service before receiving your firm request. You can cancel your reservation through the website in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tourist Service Provider.

In the event of modification of a reservation (including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds, name changes), SC HERCESA SRL reserves the right to apply certain fees to cover administrative costs that may result from this action. These fees differ from the fees charged directly by the Tourist Service Provider.



No other payment methods are accepted than those presented on the website and we do not assume any responsibility for the amounts of money sent by courier.

Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by the hotels, at the time of booking you may be required to pay in full or in part for the booked service, and payment will be made to the HERCESA account.

The Agency does not assume any obligation to issue tickets, vouchers or other travel documents in case of failure to pay in full of the ordered services. In any case, you are responsible for paying the amounts related to the ordered tourist services.

Payment can be made with the main credit cards recognized and presented in detail on the website.

SC HERCESA SRL or the Tourist Services Provider reserves the right to additionally collect any fees (or commissions) that may arise at the time of booking by credit cards. In this case you will be informed about the applicable fees. SC HERCESA SRL reserves the right to transfer the costs generated by the charge back penalties. If your reservation is paid for with another person’s credit card, we reserve the right to request written a authorisation from that person.


If requested by your credit card issuer, SC HERCESA SRL or the Tourist Service Provider reserves the right to send the tickets, vouchers or other travel documents to your address stated at the time of issue of the credit card. The erroneous information about this address may reflect in the cancellation of the reservation, delayed delivery of travel documents and may increase the confirmed rate. Please make sure your billing address details match those on your account statement. In addition, to minimize the effects of attempting to defraud your credit card, we reserve the right to perform random checks, proof of your address, and a copy of your credit card before issuing travel documents, as well as a recent account statement.
All rates and taxes may fluctuate due to changes in the exchange rate.





Upon the user’s explicit request to the e-mail address [[e-mail_address]], the agency undertakes to rectify, update, block, erase or transform into anonymous data and to cease the user’s personal data processing, free of charge, according to the legal provisions regarding personal data protection and the free movement of these data. HERCESA undertakes not to make public the users’ e-mail address and not to disclose it to a third party, unless it is expressly agreed between the partners, unless this is necessary to comply with the law and/or court proceedings. We are not responsible for attacks aimed at theft or vandalism and which could lead to the disclosure or compromise of data. We do not assume any responsibility for the cases in which the user publishes his/her address or any other personal data, on his/her own initiative, in a public message, on any of the pages of the website.




All intellectual property rights afferent to the content of this website (including, without limitation, trademarks, images and logos) are the property of HERCESA. You do not acquire any right over the content of this website, except for the limited right to use the website in accordance with the terms and conditions.







The user hereby agrees to comply with the following obligations, including, but not limited to:

– the financial responsibility for all the transactions performed on your account or on your behalf.

– you are over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to initiate legal actions
– guaranteeing the accuracy of the data provided about you or your family members.
– not using the Website for speculative purposes, for generating false or fraudulent reservations.
– prohibiting the transmission of political, pornographic, racist or other materials that are against the law
– the obligation not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, display, license or reproduce the content of the Website, except for the personal and non-commercial use of a single copy of the information contained in the Website.



SC HERCESA SRL is not responsible for the user’s skills to access or use the Site nor for the failures generated by the lack of these skills.
You are welcome to use this website in accordance with these terms and you may print and / or download information from this website for your personal use, but not for commercial purposes.


You do not have permission:

  • to establish a link between this website and any other website, or to frame any part of this website without our prior consent
  • to perform hacking actions, to use this website to transmit computer viruses or to use this website for illegal purposes;


  • to dishonestly use or modify the content you copy from this website or to use this content without publishing copyright warnings and other intellectual property rights that we use in connection with this content in the same manner and in the same form presented on the website.


In the event that you violate these terms or our personal data protection policy, we may suspend or block your access to this website.



On the website you can identify a newsletter subscription form. You can subscribe by introducing your email address. This is your agreement to receive news, special offers and other information.


Users who have subscribed to the newsletters sent by SC HERCESA SRL can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link sent with the email message.

Any issues related to the newsletter section can be addressed by written request to our address specified on the Contact page.




This Website may contain links to other external web pages and operated by other parties involved.

Links to other websites are provided for ease of use of the website. You will access, download, browse and use such websites at your own risk, without incurring any liability on our part.


SC HERCESA SRL has no control or association with these web pages and does not assume any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, integrity or quality of these web pages of the involved parties.

The content of these external web pages does not reflect the products, services or information provided by the agency. Any opinions regarding the content of these external web pages will have to be redirected to the administrators of the pages in question.



SC HERCESA SRL reserves the right to deny you access to the Website any time, without prior notice.



SC HERCESA SRL is not responsible for the indirect losses resulting from the provisions of this contract, from the defective use of the Website or of the tourist services reserved and purchased on the website.


SC HERCESA SRL is responsible only for direct losses whose value will not exceed the total tariff of the purchased tourist services (except for cases of death or personal accidents whose value has no limit).




SC HERCESA SRL is not responsible in the event of force majeure events. Force Majeure events include, but are not limited to, government interventions, wars, kidnappings, fires, floods, accidents, storms, strikes, terrorist attacks or industrial actions that may affect SC HERCESA SRL or its suppliers.



The exchange rates quoted on the website come from several sources and may not always be updated on a daily basis. It is mandatory to check the exchange rates on the day you make the reservation.



SC HERCESA SRL reserves the right to modify the design or content of the website, including the availability of tourist service providers, the database, as well as other features.
SC HERCESA SRL may also modify these terms and conditions at certain time intervals, without prior notice, being the obligation of the user to review this policy before placing an order on the website.




The copyright, property rights and content of the Website belong to HERCESA. The material contained on the Website is the property of the agency SC HERCESA SRL or its affiliates, unless they are recognised as belonging to other involved parties.

The names as well as the other brands, logos or graphic elements contained in the Website are registered trademarks of SC HERCESA SRL or its affiliates. Other names of companies, products or services that appear on the Website may be trademarks of their respective owners.

The user does not have any right or license to use these trademarks. If the user considers that the photos or texts published on the site violate the copyright law, he is asked to notify this through the contact form available in the Contact Page, mentioning the page and the content that contravenes the law.


SC HERCESA SRL uses promotional materials provided by third parties and cannot control or verify their origin. SC HERCESA SRL will immediately withdraw from the site any illegal material and will inform the injured party about this.



You hereby agree to the use of your personal information by SC HERCESA SRL or its affiliates and other involved parties, in accordance with the terms and for the stated purpose stipulated in the Privacy Policy of the SC HERCESA SRL agency, which can be found on the website.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please email them to us at the addresses listed on the Contact page.

The collected personal data are used by HERCESA exclusively to meet its contractual obligations towards tourists, to issue invoices, vouchers, notifications to hotel units, other tour-operators, embassies or insurance companies, only if the services purchased by customers impose this. The SC HERCESA SRL agency does not disclose personal data to other third parties for purposes other than those mentioned.
In accordance with the requirements of the EU Regulation 2016/679 and the EU Directive 2016/680 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, the free movement of such data, and the privacy protection in the electronic communications sector, SC HERCESA SRL will safely administer and only for the purposes specified, the personal data provided by you.



According to the legislation, you benefit from the right to access, to intervene over the data, from the right to not be subject to an individual decision and from the right to go to court. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request data deletion.

We must mention, however, that it is impossible for us to process reservations that do not contain these mandatory data.






The agency SC HERCESA SRL is concerned with offering a high protection of personal data saved on its own systems. However, we ask users to be aware that no information transmitted via the Internet is completely secure. Therefore, you should be careful when recording personal data online. We take reasonable steps to ensure the security of your information from the moment we receive it.

We will disclose personal data only if required by law or if we are firmly convinced that it is absolutely necessary to comply with the law, to cooperate with the authorities or protect the legal rights of HERCESA..



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SC HERCESA SRL cannot control and cannot access the cookies on your computer installed by a third party.





These Terms and Conditions represent the contract between the User and the SC HERCESA SRL Agency and are governed by the laws of Romania.


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