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Various Partitions and Areas

The new two-room apartments from the Vivenda project have very good partitioning and provide you with all the space you might need. The spacious living room is divided with care, to provide both a dining area and plenty of room for recreation. There is also space for placing a library or a working area, if you are working from home. The kitchen is spacious and equipped with natural ventilation, and the bedroom has a space specially designed for the integration of a dressing room.

New Two-room Apartments in Bucharest, at Advantageous Prices!

Beauty-harmony-efficiency in the Vivenda Project!

In the Vivenda Residencias new housing project you will find new two-room apartments at advantageous prices, starting from EUR 75.700 plus VAT! The apartments in the complex have been designed in an efficient and balanced way, to create optimal and bright spaces and are thought to suit the needs of any person, given the diversity of the layout and partitions and carefully executed finishes.


Apartment with 1 bedroom


Total net area – 49.60 sqm

-Day area: 20.65 sqm
-Bedroom: 12.00 sqm
-Kitchen: 5.60 sqm
-Bathroom: 4.00 sqm
-Vestibule 3.25 sqm
-Balcony: 4.10 sqm

Price from: € 75.700 + VAT



Apartment with 1 bedroom


Total net area – 53.85 sqm

-Day area: 22.95 sqm
-Bedroom:  12.10 sqm
-Kitchen:  6.85 sqm
-Bathroom:  4.05 sqm
-Vestibule 3.80 sqm
-Balcony: 4.10 sqm

Price from: € 81.000 + VAT


Apartment with 1 bedroom


Total net area – 58.10 sqm

-Day area:22.60 sqm
-Bedroom: 12.00 sqm
-Kitchen: 9.15 sqm
-Bathroom: 4.00 sqm
-Vestibule 6.25 sqm
-Balcony: 4.10 sqm

Price from: € 85.000 + VAT



Apartment with 1 bedroom and open kitchen


Total net area – 58.70 sqm

-Day area: 23.05 sqm
-Bedroom: 12.00 sqm
-Kitchen: 9.15 sqm
-Bathroom: 4.00 sqm
-Vestibule 6.40 sqm
-Balcony: 4.10 sqm

Price from: € 85.000 + VAT

New Two-room Apartments Near the Bucharest Metro?

In Vivenda Residencias Dreams Come True!

A new two-room apartment next to the metro may seem only a beautiful dream, but in the new blocks complex of Vivenda Residencias, dreams come true easier then you would expect. The new two-room apartments in the Vivenda project are located in the Titan – IOR area, Basarabia Boulevard – The National Arena, near Costin Georgian metro station, with quick and easy access to the city centre, parks, malls, supermarkets, schools or medical units.

Excellent Location

No. 1 Baia De Aramă Street, Bucharest, 2nd District


The new two-room apartments in the Vivenda Residencias residential complex in Bucharest are a 5-minute walk from Costin Georgian metro station and enjoy all the facilities you could wish for. The project is located near the IORMorarilorNational Arena parks, and many schools, kindergartens, hospitals, markets, large shopping malls and supermarkets are in its immediate vicinity.


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Your House Could Look the Same!

*The infographics are made exclusively to create a more concrete image regarding the possibilities of arranging the apartment. The pieces of furniture and the decorations included in the infographics have exclusively a guidance and design purpose and are not included in the endowments of the apartments.