Since 1975, Hercesa has developed real estate projects in the residential, industrial and service sectors in various locations in Spain, but especially in the Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha. It currently has over 28,000 apartments in its portfolio in over 200 residential real estate projects located throughout Spain, as well as in countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria.

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Hercesa began its activity in Romania in 2004, with the purchase of the Cișmigiu historic building, located in the centre of Bucharest city. Following a complex rehabilitation process carried out by our company and an investment of over 15 million euros, the Cișmigiu building reopened in 2012, currently in the building carrying out its activity Cișmigiu Hotel 4* operated by our company, as well as our collaborators: Cervantes InstituteHumanitas BookstoreGambrinus Brewery and Cișmigiu Restaurant – Bistro upstairs, managed by SHC company, which also operates the Stadio, Social 1 and Nor restaurants from Bucharest.


Together with the rehabilitation project of Cișmigiu building, in Romania, Hercesa paid particular attention to residential projects. Until now, our company completed and put into use 660 apartments in the Vivenda Residencias project (from the Basarabia Boulevard area), where another 143 apartments are going to be delivered at the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 and has in the project phase other approx. 4,300 housing in Bucharest, in two of its projects: Vivenda Residencias project and Ghencea project (from the Prelungirea Ghencea area).


Hercesa Romania personally manages, sells and supervises, through its own team of professionals, the entire development process of its real estate projects, in all their execution phases, from the design of the architectural project to the completion of the apartments and their handing over to the customers.


This way, we ensure the implementation of superior quality standards in all our projects, as well as the compliance with the commitments assumed towards Hercesa customers. These aspects imposed Hercesa as a reference point in the real estate field of Romania and brought us appreciation from our customers.


The Hercesa România team is composed of experienced professionals, many of which were formed right within our company, being with us since the establishment of our company. The excellent qualification of our personnel, together with their extensive knowledge in the real estate field increase the capacity of the company to intervene with agility at any time of the development process of real estate projects, both punctually, in solving particular aspects, and globally, and allow optimisation of the execution and reaction times.

In the Hercesa Romania team, we all work with enthusiasm and passion to realise quality products and deliver our customers the much-desired apartments, in which to feel at home.