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Hercesa  began its activity in Romania in 2004,  with the acquisition of an antique hotel, situated in the centre of Bucharest. A french style building, from 1914, which used to shelter the Hotel Cismigiu, the famous Gambrinus brewery and the cinema Bulevard. After its restoration,  it  will be transformed in a building of apartments to let, with commercial spaces on the ground floor.  Besides, the headquarters of the Hercesa company in Romania will be established at this venue.

At present, Hercesa builds over 5.500 habitations in Bucharest, divided among  three developments situated in different points of the Romanian capital. In the Eastern area, near Basarabia Bulevard, you will find Vivenda Residencias, a closed residential complex, with common spaces and 1.400 habitations, with different distributions. The project comprises 9 towers in the shape of the letter  U. Also, Hercesa develops a commercial centre within the same urbanization. The development is in full  sale process and the construction works have begun since January 2008.

The second residencial project,  Estells Residencias, is situated in the Western area of the city, on the banks of the river Dambovita, and is a development of 800 apartments, with one to four bedrooms, in block of flats, with common spaces and individual parking lots. Ghencea is also a residential project, developed  together with Bluehouse company. It consists of more than 3.500 habitations in block of flats, with common spaces, green areas and playgrounds, in the Western area of the capital and near Steaua Stadium. This project includes the construction of a commercial centre as well.
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